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School begins Wednesday, August 14.
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Arkansas Scholars

Contact:  Mrs. Banning
Arkansas Scholars are students who make good grades, take the recommended courses, have an acceptable attendance record, and who don't drop out. It's that simple.
Why should you be an Arkansas Scholar?
  • Arkansas Scholars are more likely to get a job after high school.
  • Arkansas Scholars are better prepared for additional education after they graduate.
  • Arkansas Scholars will have a better chance for employment and higher income throughout their careers.
Local business leaders want each student to do well in school. Many businesses have agreed to recognize the achievement of Arkansas Scholars as a status symbol of a high quality education.
If a student meets the Arkansas Scholars criteria over the four years of high school (grades 9-12) then he or she will be designated as an Arkansas Scholar. The Chamber will hold a banquet for the student and their parents at the end or their senior year.
A seal will be placed on your transcript. Because a growing number of employers are asking job applicants for high school transcripts, the Arkansas Scholars seal will make a difference and improve your chances for employment.
Requirements for Becoming an Arkansas Scholar
If a student follows, in grades 9-12, the four criteria listed below, they will achieve Arkansas Scholars status at the end of their senior year. In addition to the recognition, the student will be better prepared for more education or a better job. Arkansas Scholars are winners, no matter what they do after high school.
Students must take the recommended courses, which prepare them for postsecondary education or employment. This includes at least three years of math and science, four years of English, and three years of social studies. Two years of foreign language are encouraged.
Students must make a semester grade of "C" or better in all academic courses.
Students must achieve a 95% or better attendance record. That is an average of less than 9 absences per year.
Students must complete high school in eight consecutive semesters.
The Arkansas Scholars program is a program of the Arkansas Business and Education Alliance working with the Prescott Nevada County Chamber of Commerce and is offered in the Emmet, Nevada, and Prescott School Districts.
For More Information
The Partnership Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development Office
P.O. Box 307
Prescott, AR 71857
Phone: 870-887-2101 or 870-887-6208
Fax: 870-887-5317