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Frequently Asked Questions

How many books may I check out?

You may borrow two books for general reading. If an assignment or research requires more books, see the librarian. A student must have his/her student ID card to check out books.

How long will I be able to keep the books?

A borrowed book is checked out for a two week period and can be renewed for an additional two weeks when needed. To return books a student may place the book on the check out desk at the designated return location. If for some reason the library is closed during the school day/class time, necessary arrangements will be made for book check out and return.

What if my book is overdue?

If a book is overdue, a fine of ten cents per school day will be charged. Reference books are for overnight use only and must be returned before first period the next day. A fine of ten cents per period is charged for overdue reference books. If a book is lost, the replacement cost for that item will be charged.

Does the library have anything else?

We subscribe to numerous general interest magazines and newspapers. We have online access to hundreds more titles.

Are there computers in the library?

There are computers and printer service available for student use in the library media center. Those computers can be used to locate library books with the online card catalog as well as for Internet research for class assignments. Students are permitted to print Internet information, class notes, reports, essays, etc. as assigned by a teacher.

Can I use the library computers for Accelerate Reader testing?

Each student is welcome to use the library media center computers for Accelerated Reader testing. The media specialist will gladly provide the needed program entry information after a student has presented his/her student ID card, the book to be tested on, and the student's planner signed by the teacher. After each quiz a student takes, he/she can view his/her score on that quiz as well as his/her total points earned up to that date.

Are students allowed to play games on the computers?

Sorry, no games. Library computers are for research and academic (school) related uses.

When will I get to come to the library?

You may come to the library before and after school as well as during lunch. During class time you may come if a teacher has signed your planner. During the year your teachers may schedule class time in the library for research or class projects.

If I can't find the books or information I need, what should I do?

Students are encouraged to ask the librarian for help. The librarian likes junior high students and wants you to have the books or information you need.